Shilliam on Subaltern Solidarity, Ethiopia, and Carr’s ‘The Twenty Years Crisis’

Robbie Shilliam has posted an interesting post over at The Disorder of Things examining a crisis of the interwar period little discussed within mainstream international relations debates, the invasion of the last independent African polity by fascist Italy. He contextualises this crisis within a wider genealogy of colonialism and the struggle by black Africans for liberation.

Shilliam’s chosen register and preferred theoretical influences are a long way from my own. Nonetheless, it’s an interesting take on a really important subject and I’ve tried to contribute to the debate in the comments. I’ve been thinking a lot about how fragmented international relations theory has become recently and how difficult it is to actually get some kind of productive debate going within the discipline. Thus I’m going to try to reach across to those occupying rival camps a bit more in future, as I’m sure that there are productive exchanges to be had even if we are increasingly speaking different theoretical dialects.


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